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WD 500GB 2.5' is dead.

Tue Oct 27, 2009, 11:49 AM
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Hey guys.
I'm not on since about a week. My HDD is not usable any more.
So, I'm not very happy about this... But I can't do anything... Well... Of course... I bought a Samsung HDD. The M7.
Aaaargh. You WD-guys... I'm so angry. Of course this was between two Shootings, so I also don't know, which pics were backuped on another device. I'll see tomorrow.

Hope you guys'll never something like this.


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Tue Sep 15, 2009, 10:01 AM

Wuhu! 5k! :D

I'm happy about it. It was a really bad day, but I really appreciate it, that got so much :+fav:s!!! Thank you all! :D

:thumb86094885: :thumb81989844: :thumb86050752: I Love My iPod Stamp by angelslain
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Feature I

Mon Sep 14, 2009, 5:58 AM

My first feature. Here we go.
The best fotos, out of may faves. And, in my opinion, a pic with more than 200 :+fav:s doesn't really need a feature ;)


Rust. by Amelia-Madeleine soft spring. by lichtfaengerin
we can't be hurt. by CarolineZenker :thumb133254877:
Leave this world behind by PiaG pink. by topinka
Critique of Judgement. by Blutr0t :thumb123429815:
.waterdrop. by topinka In Saecula. by Blutr0t


:thumb118723812: audi S4 - at sun down by dejz0r
BMW M3 .1 by dejz0r

B/W - monochrome

:thumb136201478: :thumb86474117:
spiral static by EstacionEsperanza :thumb82046048:
Last Exit - Art by defeen don't know... by julie-rc


:thumb126277424: Oz by MichaelPe
Remember to breathe. by 6eternity9 :thumb131055825:
visage .3 by LucyJOrchard 31 by TordaiKrisztina
'Hay You' by Jordee Looking up by dragy88



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Sun Sep 13, 2009, 4:18 AM


Bought a subscription. Now I have to write a CSS during school lessons, I think.
No matter. I'm happy about. Love PayPal for instant Payment.

There'll be a feature soon!


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i wasn't online in the last month (or two), and so i think, i'll be offline in future too, who wants to see my pics can visit my hp (, and for all the others... good bye ;)

was a nice time

some greets